Monday, July 4, 2011

Large Kitchen Painting,

This is the painting that I posted a black&white image of last May 11 2011. The painting was a color study I did in my 2-3rd year of Collage for a Egg Tempera class I was taking. After doing a few studies of the kitchen in pencil and then preparing the gesso panel and then painting the under-painting in tone, I started with color and then lost interest in the egg tempera. I had what looked like a fairly good painting of the subject. I was young and was impatient and felt like I've taken this subject as far as I could. A few years later I built the frame taking the design from the front door of the house I was renting a room in. I had the painting in a few shows in Toronto but it didn't sell so I thought I would keep it. Now it feels like a time capsule from another time.

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