Sunday, March 20, 2011

TIme for another Demo,

This is a quick way to do a painting in photoshop. I started with a ball point pen on paper. Then I scan the drawings and move to photoshop. The idea was to start with just a few drawings and make the most of it. The 1st castle I assembled, and put the layers in a folder, copied it, flipped and pasted it behind the 1st copy, distorted and shifted the color, value. All the trees are just one photoshop brush I made.


  1. That's awesome, I never thought about doing it in parts like that.

  2. Shit. I've spent half my life doing things the slow way and drooling with fatigue and boredom. Beautiful piece.

  3. Hi Clive,
    I did the demo for the students so they start thinking outside the box. they spend all their time looking for the easy button but use photoshop the way we used to paint BG's the old fashioned way. Every thing on one or 2 layers and not using the program for what it can do.
    Maybe because like you I spent many years doing things the slow way I'm so over it.