Monday, March 23, 2009

2D or not 2D Poster

The first drawing

After a talk with Tony White we thought it might be fun to do the 'King Kong' thing using his character. We could have him drawing the lettering

This is my first color, at this stage nothing was working. I had to darken the background sky color because Tony's character was light yellow and needed to separate from the sky better.

I changed the marker to a stylist and the sky,

I did this doodle at a meeting a few months earlier and thought it would make a good design for the City of Seattle.

I spent quit some time with photoshop to get it to this point, it's starting to come together. Tony did the pen and ink drawing of his character now that the Space Needle is done.

After this point some type was added and moved around a bit but this is more or less it.

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